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Links - Tandem

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. LLP-LdV/TOI/2009-NO1-LEO05-01045 This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Below you can find links to websites the consortium has gathered in the partner countries:

Links to Austrian websites

The Association for Research into Professional Development (ABWF) is an association of scientists, whose purpose is to advance and intensify research into skills development.

Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs

Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research

Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture

The educational principle of 'Intercultural Learning'

Austrian school portal for 'German as Second Language' and Intercultural Learning links generations; Students teach seniors how to use computers and the internet.

National contact point Austria within the European Migration Network

The European Migration Network (EMN) is responsible for the collection of information o­n migration within the European Union.

The Europass is an aid in documenting skills and experiences. It consists of five documents (Curriculum Vitae, Language Passport, Europass Mobility, Certificate Supplement, Diploma Supplement). Each has a standardised structure and is understood and employed throughout Europe.

As a result, skills and qualifications can be presented in a clear, traceable and comprehensive manner.

Institute for Research on Qualifications and Training in the Austrian Economy

International Society for Diversity Management.

IDM creates a space in which members can exchange views, expertise and experience in many different areas such as business, research, politics, etc.

Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

Internetportal with information about integration (in German, English, Turkish and Russian).

Links to Bulgarian websites


National Migration and Integration Strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria, 2008-2015. Offers also plans and reports for its implementation

National Council for Cooperation on Ethnic and Demographic Issues

Association for Refugees' and Migrants' Integration

Project 'Immigrants' – everyone has a place under the sun – is a comparative analysis between current data about immigrants and statistical surveys of immigrants' profiles in Bulgaria (at the end of 2009)

International Centre for Minority Studies and Intercultural Relations

IMIR works with some of the best Bulgarian experts on issues like minority rights, integration, migrations, human trafficking and inter-ethnic and inter-religious relations. IMIR has earned national and international recognition for its academic researches and for its studies of interethnic and religious issues in Bulgaria and the wider Balkan regions. The Center has always been active in stimulating the inter-Balkan relations and the regional cooperation; it has established a number of partnerships with academic and non-governmental organizations across Europe.

Ministry of Education, Youth and Science

National Agency for Vocational Education and Training

Links to Dutch websites

This Dutch department of the European Platform offers support to international Comenius and Grundtvig projects.

One important issue of this Dutch government department is the integration of migrants into the Dutch society.

Spectrum CMO Gelderland is an expert in youth policy, in social partcipation and other. Spectrum translates national developments to the provincial practice of Gelderland;  it advises, traines, makes information transferable and disseminates knowledge to provincial governments and other organisations in Gelderland.

The MBO raad is the national organisation for VET and Adult education.

This centre offers Dutch courses and other training to migrant women.

This organization is there to support seniors and their families in finding accomodation, health care and courses in Nijmegen.

This website provides stories of Turkish migrants.

This organisation for welfare in Wijchen is concerned with welfare of elder and younger people


This is a foundation of Refugees. They promote the citizenship of refugees and support them to become a full member of the Dutch society.


The Maaswaal College is a secondary school that provides on two locations in Wijchen training to young people from 12 – 18 years of age.

This is a secondary school with 4 locations in the region of Nijmegen. The youngsters have to follow a social internship.

Links to French websites

ÉduSCOL - Le site pédagogique du ministère de l'Éducation nationale is the French Ministry of Education

Ministry of social affairs, employment and solidarity.

L'Agence Nationale de Lutte contre l'Illettrisme is a national agency which fights against illiteracy and supports illiterate learners. The aim of this organisation is to increase awareness and improve the effectiveness of the support illiterate learners receive.

Centre of Animation, of Resources and Information on Professional Training and Regional Observatory Employment Formation (CarifOref).

FARE develops employment in companies and optimises the human stock management. It also constitutes a powerful footbridge to facilitate recruitment due to its good relations between quality and employment agencies.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Nîmes offers language courses for employed or unemployed clients.

CRAPEL associates itself with research and pedagogic applications in languages. Researchers are working as language teachers, trainers for trainers and researchers in languages didactic. Original approaches and learning tools are provided on their website together with useful links and forums.

A place for resources, treatment and information circulation, focusing on continuously improving professional education.

Links to Greek websites

The development Agency of the Municipality of Patras- Having as one of its main goal the promotion of social, economical tourism and environmental development of Municipality of Patras

Municipality of Argostoli - The largest municipality in Kefalonia Island

The Municipality of Dymi -The central Municipality of Western Achaia

Lifelong learning Program – T-Learning to improve Professional Skills for intercultural dialogue (Tips project)

The project designs and delivers a training course for cultural mediators based on T-Learning methodology

The Greek Ministry of Education Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs

Links to Norwegian websites

Norway's national statistical bureau

Norway's educational portal for older workers and immigrants

A county web portal with statistics

The Federation of Norwegian Commercial and Service Enterprises

follow up service, course provider for disadvantaged students

VET education institution in many fields

VET education institution in many fields

the largest formal and informal community for immigrants in Norway

largest regional education provider for adults in VET sector

political party with a huge network and who is interested in intercultural and intergenerational learning

independent education provider teaching ICT

University that has a large number of foreign students

union of adult education providers

directorate for integration and diversity

National institute for social research

We cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained at the websites mentioned above.